Our Story

We live in world where change the only constant.  Businesses is evolving faster.  Customer needs are evolving faster.  Yet, expectations are increasing for Sales & Marketing to drive growth, shape the customer experience, and play a more strategic role in business transformation.

Symbiom helps Sales & Marketing organizations turn the corner from transformation to results.  We’re a fast-paced consulting and creative services agency that helps leaders identify a clear path forward, then execute with maximum creative force.

Our clients include Fortune 1000s, mid-sized organizations and high-growth startups in complex B2B industries.  We provide domain expertise, knowledge of SaaS and enterprise sales cycles and world class creative capabilities to strengthen the bridge between strategy and execution.

Andy Payment, Principal & Founder

Andy Payment helps clients solve their most complex Marketing and Sales challenges.  His unique brand of problem diagnosis, storytelling and overcoming obstacles helps organizations achieve better results faster.

Andy started Symbiom because consulting and creative agencies lack the right combination of domain expertise, program leadership and execution capabilities to fully solve their clients’ challenges.  He’s an experienced leader who has helped Fortune 1000s, mid-sized companies, high-growth startups and industry organizations from Silicon Valley to Asia fix broken capabilities, re-craft their story and accelerate sales performance in ways they never thought possible.

Andy’s a sought-after speaker on marketing and sales transformations, leadership skills, and digital storytelling.  In 2017, he was named one of PR Week’s 40 Under 40.