Why Symbiom?

Why Symbiom?

Today is day 1 of Symbiom (SIM bee um). It’s a startup created with ambitious intentions: to create a sales and marketing business that is fundamentally different from other sales and marketing businesses. Specifically, one that solves three big problems for operators, sales leaders and CMOs:

1. How do I align my sales and marketing activities around my rapidly evolving buyers?
2. How do I execute marketing programs faster, and with a better total cost of ownership?
3. How do I get access to people and resources that understand my business, without having to make expensive hires or unpalatable agency commitments?

The problem today is that the current provider ecosystem is too focused on solving client problems by pushing whichever deliverable they specialize in. “Need a better marketing ROI? You need inbound marketing.” “Need to acquire more customers? You need brand awareness.” Too few are interested in solving vs selling. Fewer are able to deliver actual solutions.

Specializing and disguising deliverables as solutions makes sense for agencies looking to scale. But things are changing. Technology is transforming the way we communicate, tell stores and nurture leads. The gig economy is exploding. The availability and capabilities of outsourcers are improving. Symbiom was created to harness the power of these trends for its clients; to deliver a whole solution that lives, breathes and evolves as part of your ecosystem.

Our goal is find and work with amazing business leaders, NGOs and startups who want to disrupt earth-changing industries like fintech, healthcare and energy. We ourselves are a collective of experienced business leaders—accomplished storytellers, creatives, technologists and subject matter experts. And we operate together on five founding principles:

1) Design Thinking: we look through the noise to find the problem. The we develop a solution, test and improve.
2) Agility: content, like code, is dynamic and constantly evolving. We build it with that in mind.
3) Quality: we guarantee the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients. We don’t get paid if we fail to meet this standard.
4) Fun: we work with some pretty pedal-to-the-metal people. Sometimes a little levity goes a long way.
5) Learning: we read a lot of books, talk to a lot of people and debate everything.

We believe there is merit in our methodology. But we’ll know for sure when we’ve helped clients better understand their problems, provide them with insight and ideas we can use, and delivered for them with quality and precision. After all, people who want to shape the world don’t have time for much else.