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We live in world where change is the only constant. B2B Sales and Marketing organizations in complex industries like FinTech, Payments, Crypto, Cybersecurity and Retail IT must keep up with rapidly-evolving technology, business and customer needs. Whether you need a leg up or a leap forward, Symbiom gives you an edge through our strategic consulting, marketing infrastructure design, lead generation, content and leadership advisory services.

Symbiotic Relationships

We do things differently here. Symbiom was built to be part of your ecosystem: a B2B Sales and Marketing partner designed to help you optimize every aspect of your Sales engine. We help our clients tap into the symbiotic relationships between their business objectives and their brand identity; between brand identity and marketing execution; and between marketing execution and sales performance.



We’re executors at heart. We love helping clients solve strategic B2B Sales and Marketing challenges, but we live to help bring their vision to life through experienced leadership, an adoptable service model, and a full suite of sales enablement and marketing services.

Marketing Specializations

We leverage a unique blend of strategy, project management and execution to deliver results faster and more efficiently than internal resources or a patchwork of agencies.


B2B Sales & Marketing Consulting

Plot your transformation.  Align Sales & Marketing to your business objectives.  Get help with your toughest projects

Marketing Services

Bring your vision to life and drive sales with powerful creative, digital program development and influencer programs.

Leadership Advisory

Take more ownership of your organization’s brand and culture.  Develop a powerful personal brand and executive persona.

The Sales & Marketing Performance Chain: Our Unique Consulting Approach

A Clear Vision

Seems too obvious to be a problem, but lack of clearly-articulated business strategy is the biggest cause of marketing underperformance. Are your BUs arguing with corporate over messaging? Is your content and creative all over the map? This lack of organizational clarity can be devastating, and result in an order-taking marketing function that drifts with the wind, wasting dollars, hours and careers along the way.

A Differentiated Brand

A deliberate, client-centric brand is the foundation of lasting sales differentiation. It’s what elevates you above feature and price competition in the trenches. Yet, too many corporate executives still confuse logos with brands, leaving little attention or resources available to define and steer the brand. Everyone’s brand means something in 2018, it’s a question of who is steering the ship.

Customer Intimacy

Digital transformation is changing everything – every industry, every sales cycle, every communication channel. Is the sales organization providing intel on new personas in the sales process? When’s the last time someone in marketing talked to a customer? Do we really know where our clients go to for information? If you’re not in the jungle keeping a pulse on the tiger, you’re going to lose the trail pretty quickly.

A Compelling Story

Is everyone telling the same story, and does it resonate? Everyone and everything that touches your customer is telling some part of your story. What does it add up to? How much influence does Marketing have over the story?

Great Content

Content remains king in 2018 and the number of content formats (voice, animation, video, AR/VR) and channels are exploding. And the walls between B2B and B2C are eroding – meaning that B2Bs have to up their content game. Is your organization betting the farm on events, sponsorships and ads while starving content production?

A Scalable Stack

Martech is exploding, and the technology and tools available to engage your audiences and link interactions to sales are almost too impressive. Is your organization taking a thoughtful approach to the development of its marketing platforms? Are decisions about CRM, CMS and marketing automation and other tools aligned to the business strategy and rapidly-evolving customer dynamic?

A Clean Handoff

Unfortunately, software hasn’t found a way to automate effective collaboration between Marketing and Sales. Marketing data are worthless if Sales won’t agree on their impact to nurturing and closing deals. Brand positioning, messaging and content are worthless if Sales doesn’t believe it will resonate with the customer.

A Way to Keep Score

The following are facts: 1) CMOs are under intense scrutiny to demonstrate Marketing’s impact to Sales and 2) the amount of available data far exceeds what is necessary to make the case. As a result, some Marketing organizations are still holding up the growth of their Twitter followers as justification of a contribution to the top line. Despite all the science, effective marketing measurement is still an art. Has your organization agreed on the metrics that will define Marketing success?

Our Clients

We specialize in driving Marketing & Sales transformation in transformative industries. Our clients include global FORTUNE 1000s, mid-sized companies, high-growth startups and NGOs in industries such as:

  • Fintech
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming & eSports
  • Smart Energy
  • Cybersecurity
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Blockchain



“Symbiom has been instrumental in helping to transform our Sales and Marketing organization. They were able to size the challenge quickly and execute against a plan that helped to materially improve our sales conversation in 90 days.”
—Christopher Justice, President of Gaming Solutions, Global Payments


“Symbiom helped our team develop a compelling investor pitch in only a couple of weeks. Their ability to quickly understand our needs and complex business model, and to develop a high-quality solution, is unlike anything we’ve seen in the marketplace.”
—Michael Wasserfuhr, CFO/COO, B-Focused Mobile


“Symbiom is a valuable strategic partner for our agency. Their approach to marketing strategy gets to the core of the client challenge and together, our programs yield measurable results.”
—Scott Mills, President, William Mills Agency


“Symbiom has been an important partner for the Global Connect Group as we continue to build our brand, grow our membership and enter into new markets”
—Senour Reed, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Global Connect Group

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